4 & 5 day Roe Buck Hunt – April 1st to October 20th

You will be hunting over varied terrain, from open farmland to forest and hill margins. There are two outings per day, starting at first light until mid morning when breakfast is taken and then again in the evening until last light. The middle of the day is yours to relax or go sightseeing.

We hope that you have the chance of one roebuck per day although this cannot be guaranteed. Sometimes you may exceed this and others you may not have a shot.

Your guides are experienced stalkers and will try to select mature and older animals only. They will discus with you the merits of each animal you observe, but their decision on what to shoot is final.

During the Roe Buck season the day starts at 4.30am with a light breakfast before leaving for the morning stalk. We return mid-morning for brunch and a rest. Early supper is taken at 6pm before evening stalking. In the winter during the Roe Doe season stalking times are a little more civilised, starting at 6am and the evening meal at 8pm after the evening stalk.

Our packages are for 2 hunters, with or without companions, fully residential at our extremely comfortable country home, Woodmill House.  Guests can arrive any time after lunch until Monday and departure is on Friday.

It is important to mention that here at Woodmill Shootings we choose not to hunt, shoot or fish on Sundays, and we prefer all holidays to start on a Monday or Tuesday.

Roe Deer Stalking

Red Stag Hunts – Late August to 20th October

We have 3 highland estates in the Pitlochry district some 25 – 30 miles north of Perth. All the land is open heather hill with views into the Cairngorm National Park to the north.
This a traditional hunt following time honoured-methods and style.
The day starts by finding an appropriate vantage point to observe the deer, often 2 to 3 miles away.
Spying for deer may take 20 or 30 minutes as the correct stag is located and a plan of approach is devised.
A good degree of fitness is required as you will be expected to walk from 2 to 5 miles per day.
Expectations vary accordingly from week to week, but as a general rule we would hope to average one stag every two days in late August to mid September followed by one stag per day from mid September to early October. From 5th October until the season’s end on 20th the rut is in full swing and we would hope to produce 2 stags per day per guide.
We have 3 guides available each day and it is popular for 2 guests to share one guide especially during the rut when chances are greater. We hope to shoot 50 stags per season.
When choosing to hunt red stags with us we recommend 3 – 5 days as sometimes the Scottish weather can be unpredictable and days lost as a result.

Red Deer Stalking

Winter Hunts – 21st October to mid-March

In the winter months we stalk for female and yearling deer.
We stalk red and roe until 15th February and then roe only until mid March.
Expect to start at first light and finish at dusk – full days with no restriction on what may be shot selectively.

Winter Stalking


Beginners Courses

We have designed special 4-5 day courses for people who want to learn about deer stalking in Scotland.

Beginners Courses

Please contact us for full details and prices.

Scottish Deer Stalking Seasons

Roe bucks April 1st – October 20th
Roe does October 21st – March 31st
Red stags July 1st – October 20th
Red hinds October 21st – February 15th
Fallow bucks August 1st – April 30th
Fallow does November – April
Sika stags August 1st – October 20th
Sika hinds October 21st – February 15th