Roe Buck Stalking

The East Coast of Scotland has long been associated with high quality trophies especially here in Fife.

The consistency of fine heads is a result of an underlying band of limestone producing trace elements for strong bone growth, combined with good nutrition and genetic potential.

Selective stalking lies at the heart of our business. The older a roebuck gets then the more interesting and often bigger his trophy becomes. We have a strict, self-imposed quota of bucks to be taken in any area each year to ensure a steady of stream of fine heads year on year.

Although the seasons appear long, the normal season for bucks is April and May and again during the rut from mid July to mid August. The reasons are simple: by the end of May the vegetation is so high that we can no longer see the deer, but during the rut they tend to be far more active at all times of the day and present themselves more easily. In addition, July and August is the traditional hay making and harvesting time of year and some fields are clear by this time.

Stalking for roe does is covered in our Winter Stalking package,

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