Other hunting, shooting and fishing holidays include:

  • wing shooting for pheasant, partridge, grouse, duck and pigeon
  • rabbit shooting with ferrets
  • trout fishing on 70 acre loch
  • Wild Boar Hunting in Poland.

Please let us know any requirements you may have by contacting us.

Scottish Sporting Calendar 
Red Deer
Stags1st July - 20th October
Hinds21st October - 15th February
Roe Deer
Bucks1st April - 20th October
Does21st October - 31st March
Fallow Deer
Bucks1st August - 30th April
Grouse12th August - 10th December
Partridge1st September - 31st January
Duck1st September - 31st January
Pheasant1st October - 1st February
SalmonJanuary - November
Sea TroutMay - October
Brown Trout15th March - 30th September
Rainbow TroutAll year