We are now in our 12th year of organising driven hunts for wild boar and deer in Poland.

In conjunction with our Polish partner who originates from Scotland, Stephen Duncan, we are having some impressive results.

Stephen lives in Poland and hunts with the various clubs who we buy our sport from. Stephen is on hand throughout the hunt, from meeting guests at the airport to staying in the hotel and actually hunting with them each day.

Driven hunts are an extremely exhilarating form of sport. The sound of the dogs as they first find the boar to the roar from the beaters when they see them is something to experience.

Groups of 15-20 hunters stand on each drive using predominantly rifles, some with shotguns. Expect to start early each day, you will be on the shoot bus at first light and returning after dark. After a quick briefing by your hosts on arrival, you should be standing on the first drive by 08.30. Lunch consisting of hot soup and a roll is taken in the forest at 12.30 but does not last very long as you are soon off to the next drive. Expect any thing from 5 to 8 drives in a day.

The weather can play a vital role in the driven hunt – cold weather and snow move the boar and deer to the warmer thickets in the forest and near to feeding stations. Traditionally the forest animals are fed in the winter to try and stop crop damage on neighbouring farms; they are areas in the forest where potatoes, maize or hay are dropped. A concentration of animals improves the chances of success on any drive.

3 Day Driven Wild Boar and Deer Hunt

An extremely exhilarating form of woodland hunting with all game driven by beaters and dogs.

Between 15-20 rifles take part and you can expect to shoot a minimum of 1 animal (boar, red, roe) per day.

At the beginning of each drive, rifles walk into position standing in a L-shape up to 1km in length. Once in position, you can assume the drive has started, and a horn sounds at the end of the drive. Most animals are shot while running (often straight at you).

You will leave the hotel at 7am each morning in the shoot bus, arriving at the hunting area within 45 minutes. Drawing numbers follows a brief description of the day’s sport and safety, and then we start.

Lunch is taken at 11.30 in the forest on makeshift tables and benches; you will be served a tasty traditional Polish soup and dry bread. After 30 minutes hunting restarts and will continue until deteriorating daylight heralds the end of the day.

Boar and Deer Hunting in Poland

Holidays are based on groups of 4 hunters at a time over periods of 3-4 days. Non-hunting companions are welcome.

You fly into Berlin where you are met by a British representative of Woodmill Shootings who will have all the relevant paperwork for moving your firearms into Poland. You will then be driven through the Polish border and on to your accommodation, a journey of around 4 hours.

You arrive mid-afternoon on day 1 and after a time to unpack and settle, are taken for a shot at a target before departing for the evening hunt.

Your final day starts with an early morning hunt and departure late morning.


Please contact us for further details.

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