Red Hind Stalking

The most unique stalking opportunities for red deer in the world

About Red Hinds

As soon as the stag season finishes on 20th October, the hind season starts 21st October. Early season hind stalking allows you the chance to still hear many stags roaring and watch this exciting spectacle. Again let in blocks of three days it requires a reasonable level of fitness.

Scotland offers some of the most unique stalking opportunities for red deer in the world. The chance to observe several herds of deer at once across heather clad hills is a real treat. It gives you and your stalker the chance to spend time looking for the appropriate animal to try for and assess the terrain with a view to planning the approach.

This approach is all important as the red deer has some of the most acute eyesight and hearing of all deer species. It is most unusual to get closer than 100 metres, with most shots taken at 175 – 200 metres on the open hill.


Stalking on the hill is an all day affair normally starting at 9 to 9.30 am, finishing when either there has been a successful shot or when sufficient daylight remains to walk back to your transport.

If you are to enjoy this form of stalking to its optimum then a higher degree of fitness is required than for any other deer species pursued.

Season / Dates

21st October – 15th February


We have two Perthshire highland estates, Straloch & Lick.